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FlyDubai pe Otopeni

Compania flydubai din Emiratele Arabe Unite va intra la 1 octombrie pe piaţa românească, urmând să opereze patru zboruri săptămânale directe Bucureşti-Dubai, a declarat pentru MEDIAFAX Carmen Demetriade, directorul general al agenţiei World Travel, care reprezintă interesele companiei în România.

380x250 fly-dubai În România, cele patru zboruri săptămânale vor începe de la 1 octombrie, iar tarifele vor porni de la 440 euro, cu toate taxele incluse. Biletele pot fi cumpărate începând cu 15 iunie de pe site-ul companiei sau de la agenţiile de turism.

Detaliile de zbor

Zborurile catre Bucuresti initial vor fi operate de trei ori pe saptamana Luni , Miercuri si Duminica. Cursa FZ797 este programata sa decoleze din Dubai – Terminalul 2 la ora 09.15 si sa aterizeze la Aeroportul International Henri Coanda la ora 13.30. La retur , cursa FZ798, decoleaza la 14.15 cu sosire in Dubai la 20.00.

Din 28 Octombrie 2012, flydubai va creste frecventa la patru zboruri pe saptamana adaugandu-se ziua de Joi. Programul ramane acelasi.

Tariful dus-intors de la Dubai la Bucuresti este de la 440 eur (2100 AED) .Toate tarifele includ taxele, 20 kg bagaj de cala si 7kg bagaj de cabina plus geanta de mana sau lap-top. Pentru un loc cu spatiu mai mare se poate plati in plus o taxa de 21 eur.

Zborurile dintre Dubai si Bucuresti pot fi achizitionate pe, prin Call Centre in EAU (+971 4 231 1000), prin partenerul local +40314035045 sau prin agentiile de turism acreditate. Pentru mai multe informatii despre companie si serviciile de inchiriere masini si asigurari de calatorie vizitati

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Ramadan Kareem!

We present your essential guide on behaviour during the Holy Month:

DO listen to music on your iPod if you wish. As long as the tunes you're playing are inaudible to others, you won't offend anyone.
DO make the most of the community spirit and food to be found in the iftar and suhour tents at many of the city's larger hotels. Look upon it as an opportunity to relax, play games and experience some traditional Arabic hospitality.
DO get into the charitable spirit during the Holy Month. You don't have to spend the earth – small gestures go a long way. From buying a construction worker some water at sunset to rescuing a kitten, every little helps, and it's a great way to give something back to the community.
DO visit the free iftars at local mosques. They're for everyone, rich or poor, young or old – there is no barrier. They are generally organised by the mosque committee, although neighbours and surrounding residents also bring delicacies such as dates and laban (a yoghurt drink), which they usually share with others.
DO go to pub quizzes during Ramadan . Anything that may distract the mind from its meditative state during fasting hours should be avoided, but bar quizzes that take place after 7pm are perfectly fine.
DO ask fasters how it's going, but bear in mind that it's a religious experience so keep your enquiries short and respectful, and avoid asking them how they are every two hours. You'll only make them hungry!

 DON'T smoke, drink, chew gum or eat in public in the hours between sunrise and sunset. It's offensive, and blatant flouting of the rules could also get you a warning or fine from the police, or even result in you spending the rest of the month in jail.

DON'T dance or sing in public at any time, day or night. Not that you should have many opportunities – there will be no live music gigs during Ramadan , and only background music will be allowed in bars.

DON'T expect to have the kind of blow-out clubbing weekends you're used to. Major nightclubs will be shut, but most bars and pubs will be open in the evenings. While some may open before sundown, they will not serve any alcohol until 7pm.

DON'T play very loud music at any time, whether in your car, on the beach or even at home. If it's audible to others, it may offend.

DON'T wear any revealing or tight clothing in public.

DON'T swear in public. Blasphemy is frowned upon at the best of times, but during the Holy Month it's particularly insulting.

DON'T Drink outside, even if you have been jogging or exercising. The general rule is no drinking, eating, or smoking in public, regardless of whether you think anyone can see you.

By Time Out Dubai

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